Letters to the Editor

Gig Harbor: Rental housing would burden city

Re: “Proposal would add rental housing to downtown Gig Harbor,” (TNT, 8/27).

What a big disappointment retiring to Gig Harbor is becoming. We have developers and City Council members who are turning into wanna-be Southern Californians. Their decision making is starting to weigh heavily on our adopted city.

First it was their developing of Harborview Drive. (I’ve volunteered to help rename that street because you can no longer see the harbor due to development. ) Now they’re looking at a plot of land that I thought was to be left alone for the herons but no; they want to develop that as well.

Southern California went this direction long ago. Is this what we want? Where do council members and developers plan on putting more roads? Maybe fill in the harbor? They did it in Dana Point, California. That area was developed to the point of taking away a famous surf spot.

Cheney Foundation, why do you want to ruin your reputation by doing this to a town that once looked like it came out of a Norman Rockwell painting but is slowly losing that beauty? Look elsewhere, please. City Council, listen to us citizens of Gig Harbor. We are getting tired of development.