Letters to the Editor

Sport fields:Plenty of intuitive basis to ban crumb rubber

“Are synthetic turf fields making young athletes sick?” (TNT, 8/14) and letter (TNT, 8/24)

I am not a scientist. However, it seems obvious there is a direct correlation between youth cancer and crumb rubber, or what my kids call “turf turds.” My kids go to a school with a crumb rubber field. The rubber pieces appear all over their clothes and stick there. They are often still present when they come home from school.

Cigarettes became mainstream in the 1880s and cause cancer. Science did not figure this out until the first studies were released in the 1940s. It took science 60 years to figure out the outcome of smoking.

Crumb rubber was introduced to fields in the early 2000s. I don’t want to wait until 2060 for science to figure this out at the expense of any child’s life.