Letters to the Editor

Election: Trump is not even in Clinton's league

Let’s compare the records of our two major party presidential candidates. Hillary Clinton has a great variety of government experience including first lady of Arkansas and the United States, senator from New York and U.S. secretary of state. Trump is a businessman whose businesses went bankrupt several times. He escaped with the money while stiffing everyone around him.

Clinton: service to others in her first tasks as a lawyer, including fighting segregation in the South. Trump: service to self with his business empire. Clinton: grace under pressure and loss as she gallantly gave up the political fight against Barack Obama in 2008. So far as I know, not a single reference to race was uttered by her. Trump: obnoxious and blatant racial, misogynistic and/or negative speech against Mexicans, Muslims, the disabled, protesters and other people of color as well as women.

Trump is defined by the word “bully.” Clinton is defined by thoughtful, detailed policy analysis that is too difficult to pare down into bumper sticker language. Trump has 4th grade speech that cannot be enlarged into policy details.

I know who I am voting for.