Letters to the Editor

Flag: No call for NFL quarterback to disrespect it

I am appalled by the attitude of Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers quarterback, in not standing when the national anthem is played and the American flag is being raised. Our flag symbolized the foundation this country was built on and the sacrifices many have given. And yes, many have been people of color.

Mr. Kaepernick, you have gained greatly from the benefits and opportunities this country has afforded you. It might not be perfect but has a lot to offer. The flag represents purity, innocence, perseverance and justice for all. The flag is not your enemy. Your sitting on the bench because black people are oppressed is weak.

Look for positive ways to improve our melting pot. I am Hispanic and definitely do not agree with your recent actions. Remember the American flag transcends any one individual, race or political group of individuals. The flag represents life, liberty and pursuit of happiness to all regardless of the political climate in this country.

People of many colors have given their lives for the benefits this country offers. It is not perfect in many ways, but as a war veteran and as a citizen, I am proud to be part of this country and what it offers.