Letters to the Editor

Tacoma: Trauma response team needs recognition

Re: “An APB for Tacoma, state to act on police reforms,” (TNT, 8/28).

Our community based group, The Conversation, is the source for the proposal that Tacoma needs a community based trauma response team, which your editorial rightfully point out deserves more support.

But wait! The TNT continues to attribute the origin of the crisis response team proposal to the city’s own Project Peace, whereas the idea originated with The Conversation. We have previously made this clear to you and to the City Council. Furthermore, the Conversation has made it clear that the only involvement we seek from the city and police department is official recognition of an eventual trauma response team, which will be wholly independent of the city.

We seek no funding. We seek no partnership. We do seek recognition and liaison so that the team can operate with cooperation and not hostility from the city.