Letters to the Editor

Anthem: Seahawk player forces team to choose

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane has chosen to join San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to exercise his right to be ignorant. He has disrespected the country that gave him the opportunity to play football on a national stage and earn an income that is the envy of most Americans.

He has chosen to disrespect the Stars and Stripes, a flag that many people of all colors have fought and died to protect throughout our history. The flag that represents freedom and opportunity to a world that is in chaos. As an American, that is Lane’s choice.

Now the Seahawks need to make a choice. By tolerating that behavior and disrespect, they implicitly endorse it. The rest of the team also has a choice. You can choose to ignore Lane’s poor choice or you can speak out and stand up for everything the flag represents.