Letters to the Editor

Marijuana: Barring gun purchases boggles mind

Re: “Court: OK to ban gun sales to pot card holders,” (TNT, 9/1).

I am not a marijuana user, but I am concerned that the federal government is in the way of legitimate research into medical uses.

Because of it being classified as a Schedule 1 drug, there is only one legal source to obtain this drug to do medical research and from what I understand, there is a lot of red tape to get it. It is a catch 22 situation where the law obstructs the research because there is not adequate research.

The newest turn on this involves gun purchases. I am not a gun owner so I have no dog in this fight but feel this is beyond stupid.

A person in Washington can buy marijuana legally with no gun ownership problems. But this article revealed that if you have a medical marijuana card you can legally be turned down for a gun purchase. Does any of this make sense?