Trail of the week: Mount Peak in Enumclaw

Columnar basalt formations along the trail up Mount Peak in Enumclaw.
Columnar basalt formations along the trail up Mount Peak in Enumclaw. Staff writer


HIKE DESCRIPTION: I’ve always been intrigued by the name Mount Peak. Is it a mountain named Peak? Or a peak named Mount?

Or is it Mount Pete? Or Pinnacle Peak?

The little hill in Enumclaw goes by all of the above and is a perfect place for a quick workout.

The primary trail is a steady climb of about 1,000 feet in 1 mile. Want more?

Regulars sometimes do the trails several times in a day. Some carry packs. Some run. And some head off on the other trails in the area.

The view is obstructed at the top of the trail, but benches are available for a quick break. Views can be found from several other locations in the area.

Worth a peek on the way to the peak is the columnar basalt formations. A sign posted by King County Parks asks visitors to stay off the basalt.

The Goat Trail also starts from the Cal Magnuson Trailhead and is usually a less-crowded route to the top. It is, however, steeper, and quite slippery on rainy days.

DIRECTIONS: From state Route 410 in Enumclaw, turn south on 284th Street and drive about 1 ½ miles. Turn right on 472nd Street and continue to the trailhead.

DIFFICULTY RATING: 2.5 (1=easiest, 5 = most difficult).

MILES ROUND TRIP: 2 (but easily extended).

ELEVATION: 1,000 feet.


MAP: Available at the King County Parks website.

PASS: None.

ALSO: While most people start their hikes from the north side of Mount Peak, the route on the south side is a more gradual climb. Pinnacle Peak Park is 256 acres. A lookout once sat atop of the peak. The Cal Magnuson Trail is named for a mountaineer who worked for 25 years at REI. The trail is often crowded. Remember to yield to the uphill hikers. There are several geocaches hidden near the trails. Dog owners should clean up after their pets and keep them on leashes.

INFO: kingcounty.gov.