Missing hiker found at Mount Rainier park

Mount Rainier as seen from Spray Park.
Mount Rainier as seen from Spray Park. Staff file, 2009

A missing hiker from Missouri was reunited with her mother Tuesday, two days after falling down a steep slope at Mount Rainier National Park.

Lacy Murphy, 24, spent Sunday night in a hollow log to keep dry while waiting for rescuers to arrive.

A 26-person search party found her Monday evening at the bottom of a steep slope near Spray Park and used ropes and a litter to hoist her to safety.

Murphy left for a short solo hike Sunday afternoon from the Mowich Lake trailhead. She told park officials she stepped off the trail to take a photograph and lost her footing.

She slid down a slope, which was too sleep for her climb back to the trail.

She was reported missing Monday morning. The search party consisted of rangers, Pierce County Explorer Search and Rescue, the German Shepherd Search Dogs of Washington and mountain rescue units from Seattle, Everett and Port Angeles.

They made verbal contact with her about 5 p.m. Monday and found her several hours later at the bottom of the heavily wooded slope.

After Murphy warmed up and ate, she was able to walk back to Mowich Lake were she was reunited with her mother at 5 a.m.

A statement released by the park said, “The National Park Service recommends that hikers leave a detailed itinerary with a friend or family member, and carry the 10 essentials, including emergency food, water, and clothing.”

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