When it comes to the Huskies’ new look, Adidas is opting for tradition and special touches

Very soon, when you see the Washington Huskies athletic teams, they’ll be rocking three stripes instead of checkmarks.

The Huskies are now an Adidas branded school with 10-year deal worth $119 million that kicked in on July 1, ending a 20-year relationship with Nike. The school offered a private media gathering on Tuesday — on a boat called the PartnerShip, get it? — to show off their new football uniforms.

No pictures were allowed and the uniforms won’t be unveiled officially until next Wednesday. Thanks to the internet, you can catch glimpses of the uniforms that were leaked via the Washington Huskies fan page on Reddit.

Until you can actually see them, here are a few takeaways about the Huskies’ new look:

Welcome back tradition

One of the more popular things to do these days is to incorporate the color black or gray into uniforms for schools who don’t use black or gray as their school colors. The traditional color pallet for the Huskies has been purple, gold and white. The black in the uniforms always felt a bit forced and so that’s one thing that stood out right away about the news uniforms, their absence of black.

Loyal to the colors

From the viewing I can tell you that there’s three pants options (purple, gold, and white) and two jersey options (purple and white). Right now there is no plan for a purple helmet to be worn in 2019 but that option has not been ruled out.

No special uniforms ... yet

Adidas has special “Strategy” uniforms that some of their select schools wear during the season. They each have a throwback look or implement local ties to the program’s uniforms. The plan for the Huskies is to establish their base uniforms for this year and then debut a new look once or twice in 2020. They are currently in the development stages with Adidas in creating the 2020 “Strategy” uniform.

More details

  • Don James era influenced numbers: The block numbering elements will represent the vintage look from the Don James era of the late 1980s and early 1990s. So more tradition.

  • Pacific Northwest elements: It rains up here, a lot so why not carry some of those elements into the uniform. On the numerals, you can see designed dots that mimic raindrops on a uniform. It is a fine detail that gives the Washington uniforms a more personal look. The numbers will also have some subtle looks to them as well as the lines will be set at angles that are set at 15 degree, modeled after the “block W” logo. They’re calling it the angle of pursuit.

  • Here are the scheduled rollouts for the other fall sports team uniforms: Women’s soccer, Aug. 6; Volleyball, Aug. 9; men’s soccer, Aug. 13 and cross country: Aug. 28

Hello, I’m Andrew Hammond, and I am new to the Pacific Northwest area. I’ve been a journalist for 13 years, mainly covering sports in the state of Kansas, where I am from. I’m excited to be a part of the Pacific Northwest sports scene. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @ahammTNT