2019 League Championship Series schedule: Game time, networks, broadcast teams

We’re down to a final four in the 2019 MLB Playoffs and the Astros, Yankees, Cardinals, and Nationals are just four games away from reaching the World Series.

Here is the TV schedule for both the NLCS and ALCS games broadcast on TBS and FOX.

American League Championship Series (FOX and FS1): Joe Buck and John Smoltz

National League Championship Series (TBS): Brian Anderson, Ron Darling, Jeff Francoeur

All Times PDT

Oct. 11

NLCS Game 1: Nationals at Cardinals (TBS) (5:08 p.m.)

Oct. 12

NLCS Game 2: Nationals at Cardinals (TBS) (1:08 p.m.)

ALCS Game 1: Yankees at Astros (FOX) (5:08 p.m.)

Oct. 13

ALCS Game 2: Yankees at Astros (FS1) (5:08 p.m.)

Oct. 14

NLCS Game 3: Cardinals at Nationals (TBS) (4:38 p.m.)

Oct. 15

ALCS Game 3: Astros at Yankees (FS1) (1:08 p.m.)

NLCS Game 4: Cardinals at Nationals (TBS) (4:38 p.m)

Oct. 16

NLCS Game 5: Cardinals at Nationals (TBS) (1:08 p.m.) (If Necessary)

ALCS Game 4: Astros at Yankees (FS1) (4:38 p.m.)

Oct. 17

ALCS Game 5: Astros at Yankees (FS1 or FOX) (5:08 p.m.) (If Necessary)

Oct. 18

NLCS Game 6: Nationals at Cardinals (TBS) (5:08 p.m.) (If Necessary)

Oct. 19

NLCS Game 7: Nationals at Cardinals (TBS) (Time TBD) (If Necessary)

ALCS Game 6: Yankees at Astros (FS1 or FOX) (Time TBD) (If Necessary)

Oct. 20

ALCS Game 7: Yankees at Astros (FS1 or FOX) (Time TBD) (If Necessary)