Graeme McDowell on Chambers Bay: ‘I really, really like the golf course’

He wasn’t the first to say it, and he won’t be the last before this U.S. Open championship at Chambers Bay is over.

But Graeme McDowell can’t look at this course and not think it feels a lot more like a different major tournament.

“There’s no doubt,” the 2010 U.S. Open champion said, “that this feels more like a British Open, stroke Open championship, than a U.S. Open.”

McDowell, who is from Northern Ireland, has seen a few more of these courses than most of his opponents this week.

“It feels kind of like growing up as a kid and experiencing some of the really, really, really hot summers that we had back in Britain and Ireland, and what the golf courses turned into,” he said. “They got really yellow and super fast, and the grass just had zero friction to it.”

Not that the 35-year-old is complaining.

“The golf course is incredibly fast and fiery, as pure a links golf course as I think I’ve ever seen on this side of the Atlantic Ocean,” McDowell said. “I really, really like the golf course. It’s got a few holes which have me scratching my head, but mostly I think it’s a fantastic test.”