Ropes at Chambers Bay have a purpose ... to keep fans behind them

“The ropes are out for a reason,” said Danny Sink, USGA on-site championship director for the 2015 U.S. Open.

Sink on Friday reiterated that fans bypassing the ropes in order to get a better view of the golfers are breaking the rules. Hundreds of people crossed rope lines on Thursday, many along hole No. 14, and others were doing it on Friday.

The safety of golfers and spectators is a priority, Sink said, and the USGA has restricted access to some areas with that in mind.

Two caddies have injured themselves after slipping on the fine fescue grass the course is known for, Sink said.

“Although the top of a huge dune on 14 might be a great vantage point, it is simply not safe to climb up and down that spot,” he said.

Sink said he sympathizes with people who aren’t able to follow their favorite players from hole to hole like at more traditional courses, but he said the topography of Chambers Bay is what makes it distinctive.

“There’s a lot of hills. There’s a lot of undulation. So it’s a situation where you might not be able to see every shot of every player of every group,” Sink said. “What we’ve done is create some great spectator areas where you can see the majority of shots, but you need to plan out your day.

“If you want to watch one player, catch him on this hole and then skip over to another hole.”

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