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Timberline staff wishes former football star Jonathan Stewart good luck in Super Bowl 50

Brenda Amburgy made sure she got Jonathan Stewart’s autograph early.

Before the original Timberline High School was demolished in 2008, Amburgy — Stewart’s former theater director — went into the bathroom in the green room and cut his signature out of the wall.

“I’ve had this chunk of plaster under my bed for seven years,” Amburgy said. “We’ve just been waiting for Jonathan Stewart — waiting and waiting.”

Well, the moment is here.

Stewart, Timberline’s former star running back and current starter for the Carolina Panthers, will compete in Super Bowl 50 on Feb. 7.

“The train may never stop here again, and Jonathan is such a great guy,” Amburgy said. “To give him any kind of shout-out, that’s a no-brainer. He’s a genuine, honest, spiritual human being. He’s one of the good guys.”

Stewart is Washington state’s all-time leading rusher, racking up 7,755 yards and 105 touchdowns wearing a Blazers jersey.

Amburgy and other members of the Timberline staff filmed two videos to wish Stewart well as he plays in his first Super Bowl.

The first video, “Jonathan Stewart Timberline Confession,” features the slab of wall with Stewart’s red-penned autograph, which Amburgy and Timberline choir teacher Terry Shaw confess they are auctioning off on eBay.

The second video, “Timberline Staff Wish Jonathan Stewart All The Best!,” features 22 Timberline staff members encouraging Stewart to “keep pounding.”

“This is his time,” Amburgy said. “All we wanted to do with the video is honor that. To say, don’t forget your roots and here’s to you. You kind of started here, but we’re really proud of you.”