Seattle Mariners

Mariners release 2020 schedule, open at home against Texas

The Seattle Mariners released their 2020 schedule Monday, which includes a seven-game homestand against the Rangers and Twins to open the season.

Seattle play will play teams from the National League East during interleague play, including hosting the Nationals (April 13-14), Braves (May 29-31) and Marlins (June 5-7) at T-Mobile Park before playing the Phillies in a three-game set beginning the Friday of Fourth of July weekend (July 3-5).

The club will also travel to play the Nationals (May 19-20) and New York Mets (July 17-19).

The annual Vedder Cup series against the Padres resumes Sept. 1-2 in San Diego, and Sept. 14-15 in Seattle.

The full schedule is listed below. Home games are in bold.


Thursday, March 26 vs. Texas Rangers

Friday, March 27 vs. Texas Rangers

Saturday, March 28 vs. Texas Rangers

Sunday, March 29 vs. Texas Rangers

Monday, March 30 vs. Minnesota Twins

Tuesday, March 31 vs. Minnesota Twins

Wednesday, April 1 vs. Minnesota Twins

Thursday, April 2 at Kansas City Royals

Saturday, April 4 at Kansas City Royals

Sunday, April 5 at Kansas City Royals

Monday, April 6 at Chicago White Sox

Tuesday, April 7 at Chicago White Sox

Wednesday, April 8 at Chicago White Sox

Thursday, April 9 vs. Boston Red Sox

Friday, April 10 vs. Boston Red Sox

Saturday, April 11 vs. Boston Red Sox

Sunday, April 12 vs. Boston Red Sox

Monday, April 13 vs. Washington Nationals

Tuesday, April 14 vs. Washington Nationals

Thursday, April 16 at Oakland A’s

Friday, April 17 at Oakland A’s

Saturday, April 18 at Oakland A’s

Sunday, April 19 at Oakland A’s

Monday, April 20 at Minnesota Twins

Tuesday, April 21 at Minnesota Twins

Wednesday, April 22 at Minnesota Twins

Thursday, April 23 at Minnesota Twins

Friday, April 24 at Texas Rangers

Saturday, April 25 at Texas Rangers

Sunday, April 26 at Texas Rangers

Tuesday, April 28 vs. Los Angeles Angels

Wednesday, April 29 vs. Los Angeles Angels

Thursday, April 30 vs. Houston Astros

Friday, May 1 vs. Houston Astros

Saturday, May 2 vs. Houston Astros

Sunday, May 3 vs. Houston Astros

Monday, May 4 at Oakland A’s

Tuesday, May 5 at Oakland A’s

Wednesday, May 6 at Oakland A’s

Thursday, May 7 at Houston Astros

Friday, May 8 at Houston Astros

Saturday, May 9 at Houston Astros

Sunday, May 10 at Houston Astros

Tuesday, May 12 vs. Oakland A’s

Wednesday May 13 vs. Oakland A’s

Thursday, May 14 vs. Oakland A’s

Friday, May 15 vs. Detroit Tigers

Saturday, May 16 vs. Detroit Tigers

Sunday, May 17 vs. Detroit Tigers

Tuesday, May 19 at Washington Nationals

Wednesday, May 20 at Washington Nationals

Friday, May 22 at New York Yankees

Saturday, May 23 at New York Yankees

Sunday, May 24 at New York Yankees

Monday, May 25 at New York Yankees

Tuesday, May 26 at Detroit Tigers

Wednesday, May 27 at Detroit Tigers

Thursday, May 28 at Detroit Tigers

Friday, May 29 vs. Atlanta Braves

Saturday, May 30 vs. Atlanta Braves

Sunday, May 31 vs. Atlanta Braves

Monday, June 1 vs. New York Yankees

Tuesday, June 2 vs. New York Yankees

Wednesday, June 3 vs. New York Yankees

Friday, June 5 at Miami Marlins

Saturday, June 6 at Miami Marlins

Sunday, June 7 at Miami Marlins

Tuesday, June 9 at Toronto Blue Jays

Wednesday, June 10 at Toronto Blue Jays

Thursday, June 11 at Toronto Blue Jays

Friday, June 12 at Los Angeles Angels

Saturday, June 13 at Los Angeles Angels

Sunday, June 14 at Los Angeles Angels

Tuesday, June 16 vs. Houston Astros

Wednesday, June 17 vs. Houston Astros

Thursday, June 18 vs. Kansas City Royals

Friday, June 19 vs. Kansas City Royals

Saturday, June 20 vs. Kansas City Royals

Sunday, June 21 vs. Kansas City Royals

Monday, June 22 vs. Texas Rangers

Tuesday, June 23 vs. Texas Rangers

Wednesday, June 24 vs. Texas Rangers

Friday, June 26 at Tampa Bay Rays

Saturday, June 27 at Tampa Bay Rays

Sunday, June 28 at Tampa Bay Rays

Monday, June 29 at Boston Red Sox

Tuesday, June 30 at Boston Red Sox

Wednesday, July 1 at Boston Red Sox

Friday, July 3 vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Saturday, July 4 vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Sunday, July 5 vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Monday, July 6 vs. Baltimore Orioles

Tuesday, July 7 vs. Baltimore Orioles

Wednesday, July 8 vs. Baltimore Orioles

Thursday, July 9 vs. Oakland A’s

Friday, July 10 vs. Oakland A’s

Saturday, July 11 vs. Oakland A’s

Sunday, July 12 vs. Oakland A’s

Tuesday, July 14 — All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles

Friday, July 17 at New York Mets

Saturday, July 18 at New York Mets

Sunday, July 19 at New York Mets

Monday, July 20 at Baltimore Orioles

Tuesday, July 21 at Baltimore Orioles

Wednesday, July 22 at Baltimore Orioles

Friday, July 24 vs. Toronto Blue Jays

Saturday, July 25 vs. Toronto Blue Jays

Sunday, July 26 vs. Toronto Blue Jays

Tuesday, July 28 vs. Texas Rangers

Wednesday, July 29 vs. Texas Rangers

Thursday, July 30 at Los Angeles Angels

Friday, July 31 at Los Angeles Angels

Saturday, Aug. 1 at Los Angeles Angels

Sunday, Aug. 2 at Los Angeles Angels

Monday, Aug. 3 at Oakland A’s

Tuesday, Aug. 4 at Oakland A’s

Thursday, Aug. 6 vs. Los Angeles Angels

Friday, Aug. 7 vs. Los Angeles Angels

Saturday, Aug. 8 vs. Los Angeles Angels

Sunday, Aug. 9 vs. Los Angeles Angels

Monday, Aug. 10 vs. Houston Astros

Tuesday, Aug. 11 vs. Houston Astros

Wednesday Aug. 12 vs. Houston Astros

Friday, Aug. 14 at Cleveland Indians

Saturday, Aug. 15 at Cleveland Indians

Sunday, Aug. 16 at Cleveland Indians

Monday, Aug. 17 at Houston Astros

Tuesday, Aug. 18 at Houston Astros

Wednesday, Aug. 19 at Houston Astros

Thursday, Aug. 20 vs. Chicago White Sox

Friday, Aug. 21 vs. Chicago White Sox

Saturday, Aug. 22 vs. Chicago White Sox

Sunday, Aug. 23 vs. Chicago White Sox

Monday, Aug. 24 vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Tuesday, Aug. 25 vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Wednesday, Aug. 26 vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Friday, Aug. 28 vs. Los Angeles Angels

Saturday, Aug. 29 vs. Los Angeles Angels

Sunday, Aug. 30 vs. Los Angeles Angels

Tuesday, Sept. 1 at San Diego Padres

Wednesday, Sept. 2 at San Diego Padres

Friday, Sept. 4 at Houston Astros

Saturday, Sept. 5 at Houston Astros

Sunday, Sept. 6 at Houston Astros

Monday, Sept. 7 at Texas Rangers

Tuesday, Sept. 8 at Texas Rangers

Wednesday, Sept. 9 at Texas Rangers

Thursday, Sept. 10 at Texas Rangers

Friday, Sept. 11 vs. Oakland A’s

Saturday, Sept. 12 vs. Oakland A’s

Sunday, Sept. 13 vs. Oakland A’s

Monday, Sept. 14 vs. San Diego Padres

Tuesday, Sept. 15 vs. San Diego Padres

Thursday, Sept. 17 vs. Cleveland Indians

Friday, Sept. 18 vs. Cleveland Indians

Saturday, Sept. 19 vs. Cleveland Indians

Sunday, Sept. 20 vs. Cleveland Indians

Tuesday, Sept. 22 at Los Angeles Angels

Wednesday, Sept. 23 at Los Angeles Angels

Thursday, Sept. 24 at Los Angeles Angels

Friday, Sept. 25 at Texas Rangers

Saturday, Sept. 26 at Texas Rangers

Sunday, Sept. 27 at Texas Rangers

Lauren Smith covers the Seattle Mariners for The News Tribune. She previously covered high school sports at TNT and The Olympian, beginning in 2015. She is a graduate of the University of Washington and Emerald Ridge High School.