Seattle Seahawks

No circus complete without clowns and crazy questions, aka, Media Day at the Super Bowl

After playing a game with a man dressed like clown, Alvin Bailey was puzzled.

What just happened?

“I am not too sure what just went on back there,” the Seahawks’ 320-pound offensive lineman said with a look that was part confusion, part disbelief that he lost this game, where each person tries to slap the other’s hands apart, to a guy in a clown suit who might have weighed 145 pounds, tops.

Welcome to the circus, also known as Media Day, where no one is sure about what is going on.

Tuesday’s event at US Airways Center — home to the Phoenix Suns and Tacoma’s own Isaiah Thomas — proved to be every bit as weird, wacky and wild as the one last year in New Jersey. The sighting included scantily clad TV reporters from foreign countries, interviewers (we are using that word for some of those running around with credentials), actual journalists and pretty much every photographer in the Western Hemisphere all jammed together on a basketball court.

“Last year was kind of chaos and this year we kind of knew what to expect,” Bailey said. “I think we were more comfortable out here.”

(A note about Bailey’s competition with the clown: The clown cheated.)

Knowing what to expect, however, doesn’t mean it is any less surprising when the surreal happens. For Bailey, this was the crazy question he had to field:

“Somebody asked me why McDonald’s doesn’t sell hot dogs,” he said. “Yeah.”

Seahawks lineman Russell Okung had a man with a microphone start talking to him about the popular HBO series “Game of Thrones.”

Some of the other lowlights:

•  Somebody clearly not familiar with the point of halftime, asked Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin if he was excited to see singer Katy Perry perform during the game.

“I’ll probably be making halftime adjustments, so I probably won’t be able to see it,” Baldwin said.

• At one point Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman found himself answering trivia questions (Name a movie nominated for an Oscar?) before fielding more probing questions:

What reality TV show would you appear on?


If you could have any super power during the game what would it be?

“I’d want to fly.”

• The Super Bowl isn’t the only exciting thing to look forward to in 2015, one questioner asked receiver Jermaine Kearse about his movie habits.

“What are you looking forward to more: The new ‘Avengers’ movie or the new ‘Star Wars’ movie?”

When Kearse responded with “Star Wars,” the man who asked the question thrust his fist in the air and proclaimed, “Yes.”


The New England Patriots aren’t the only ones tired about talking about football air pressure. When Kearse said, “It’s dumb that we’re talking about it (Deflategate),” a reporter replied with “What about the children?”

“Oh man, what about the kids with Deflategate?” he said as he and others laughed.

“I don’t know, can we just move to a different subject.”


Looking for a meal (or three) on the cheap?

Desert Dogs, a vendor at the NFL’s Fan Gallery at the Phoenix Convention Center has just the thing.

The Grand Canyon Dog, a 24-inch, all-beef hotdog topped with pulled chicken, cabbage, pico de gallo, cheese sauce, beans, crispy bacon, spicy salsa, sour cream, guacamole and jalapenos regularly sells for $26.

But, if you eat the whole thing in 15 minutes, it’s free.

As of Monday afternoon, no one had completed the challenge.

“One guy got a quarter of the way through,” said booth worker Delvin Cobbs, as if that was quite a feat. “Then he just gave up.”