Seattle Seahawks

5 questions about NFL Week 6

Can Kam Chancellor be any more menacing?

Not any more than he was this past week after Cincinnati went after him and his Seahawks secondary deep down the middle. And certainly not more than he was when he glared at a questioner in the locker room Wednesday and said “It WILL be handled.” All righty then. It needs to be. The Panthers are going to try to come at Seattle with tight end Greg Olsen the way the Bengals burned the Seahawks with tight end Tyler Eifert, with shorter diversion routes by wide receivers. Something — or some look — tells me Chancellor and the Seahawks won’t get burned twice in a row.

Will the Cardinals fly east and return a winner again?

Arizona (4-1) has won six of its last seven games played in the Eastern time zone entering Sunday’s game at Pittsburgh (3-2). And the Carson Palmer-led Cardinals have scored at least 42 points in three of their last four games anywhere. Chris Johnson has arrived to spark the league’s third-ranked rushing offense. And the Steelers are coming off a crazy finish and win Monday night at the other end of the country in San Diego. All signs point to Arizona staying up at least two games in the NFC West by winning. But I’m getting the feeling the Steelers’ remade defense is going to surprise — and may do the Seahawks a favor.

How many coaches

would have done what Mike Tomlin did?

Speaking of the Steelers: Maybe five coaches in the NFL would have gone for the winning touchdown with 5 seconds left from the 1-yard line and not kick the sure-thing tying field goal, as Tomlin did at the Chargers on Monday night. Pete Carroll is one. Bill Belichick is definitely not. Tomlin was still steaming over losing in overtime the previous week at home against Baltimore because he ran Mike Vick around end on fourth down instead of Le’Veon Bell. So he gives Bell the ball in San Diego to keep the Steelers afloat while quarterback Ben Roethlisberger gets close to returning from a knee injury.

Will the 49ers listen to Joe Montana about Colin Kaepernick?

The greatest San Francisco quarterback of them all went on NFL Network on Friday and said of the struggling current Niners QB: “I would tell him to get to the coaches and say, ‘Look, I’m here because this is what I did in college, and my first year I was here you let me do it. Now because I’m making a lot more money, you’re trying to keep me in the pocket, you’re trying to make me do things.’ ” Kaepernick has four touchdowns, five interceptions and five fumbles through five games in a new offense that’s keeping him in the pocket more and asking him to throw quickly and way short. If the 49ers, who host the Seahawks on Thursday, won’t listen to their four-time Super Bowl champion and Hall-of-Fame legend about their enigma, they won’t take anyone’s advice.

Will it ever get better with Johnny Manziel?

Now it’s an alleged argument on Monday with his girlfriend on a drive from downtown Cleveland to his suburban home, driving 90 mph and passing cars on a highway’s shoulder, the girlfriend reportedly throwing his wallet out the car window, and Manziel telling police he’d been drinking earlier in the day. “Colleen and I got into a dumb argument,” Manziel tweeted days later. Admitting drinking is an issue; the much-followed quarterback completed a long stay this past offseason at a rehabilitation facility for alcohol and drug abuse. Publically, the Browns remain supportive of Manziel. But on the field he’s a backup who almost never plays and recently, according to’s Browns beat writer, has been separate and alone on the sidelines, far away from signal calling and the workings of the offense.