Owners to fight closure of Tacoma motel notorious for crime

Owners of the controversial Morgan Motel in Tacoma will fight to stay open after they were forced to stop operations in April.

The owners filed an appeal to the city hearing examiner to remove a suspension of their business license, the city confirmed Monday.

The city issued a 12-month summary suspension on April 18 due to disruptions and crime on the property at 7031 Pacific Ave.

Most recently, Tacoma police executed a drug-related search warrant at the motel on April 15. Four people, including one of the motel’s owners, were arrested.

A hearing is scheduled for Oct. 24, said Danielle Larson, tax and license manager for the city of Tacoma.

The News Tribune was unable to reach the owners for comment Monday.

If the hearing examiner rules in favor of the city, the motel will remain closed. The owners will have the option to apply for a renewed business license after the 12-month suspension is up in April 2020.

If the hearing examiner rules in favor of the owners, the motel would be allowed to operate right away, Larson said.

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