Driver who had just hit, killed a Lakewood pedestrian was ‘unusually upbeat,’ records say

A man who drove onto a sidewalk and killed a pedestrian in Lakewood was “unusually upbeat” while being interviewed by police about 50 feet from the victim’s body, court records say.

Police believe David Scott, 43, might have been under the influence Wednesday when he ran a red light on Bridgeport Way and hit a 68-year-old woman walking with a companion.

Karen McMillion was killed. Her companion was not injured.

On Thursday, Pierce County prosecutors charged Scott with one count of vehicular homicide.

Superior Court Commissioner Meagan Foley ordered him held without bail while he undergoes a mental health evaluation to determine his competency to stand trial.

Charging papers and Lakewood police give this account:

Scott was traveling north on Bridgeport Way in a Dodge Durango when he ran a red light at 86th Street Southwest.

A Lakewood police officer waiting at the red light began driving into the intersection when the light turned green.

Noticing the Dodge traveling about 50 mph, the officer “thought for sure we were going to be hit …,” he wrote in a police report.

The officer slammed on his brakes and watched the Dodge swerve and cross into southbound lanes.

Police said Scott never hit the brakes “but appeared to be trying to steer his way out of the loss of control.”

Scott drove onto the sidewalk and struck McMillion, throwing her more than 50 feet.

The officer immediately started CPR, but McMillion was pronounced dead at the scene.

Scott drove into a nearby front yard, and the Dodge came to rest after crashing into a fence.

Another officer who responded to the scene spoke with Scott, who allegedly admitted he was speeding.

That officer noted he smelled alcohol on Scott and asked him to perform three sobriety tests.

The officer reported that Scott “seemed unusually upbeat as he related his story to me” while standing 50 feet from McMillion’s body, according to charging papers.

Scott claimed he was in the city for business and wanted to check out the “old neighborhood.”

He said he was only driving 15 mph and there were flashing yellow lights when he entered the intersection. He remembered swerving around a car and hitting someone before stopping against a fence.

Scott told police he suffers from two types of mental illness.

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