Seattle Freeze? 5 things we thought it was, but it’s not

Five wrong guesses for the term “Seattle Freeze,” which apparently is a trendy sociological phenomenon. (The penchant for Puget Sounders to make new friends reluctantly and avoid interacting with outsiders.)

1. Nickname for the historic cold snap that froze the region for 24 straight days in 1950. It included nine days in which Seattle’s low temperature dropped below 10 degrees.

2. Lame northern knockoff of Frisko Freeze, Tacoma’s classic burger joint that’s been around since 1950. (The same year as that historic cold wave.)

3. A mental health condition caused by a city-wide wifi outage. Symptoms include staring at a blank iphone screen, other catatonic behavior and loss of appetite (due to no access to Yelp restaurant reviews).

4. A rejected name for Seattle’s new professional hockey team.

5. That look given to tourists who ask where to find Powell’s Books or Voodoo Doughnut. Or who want directions to Tacoma.