Gov. Jay Inslee will play railroad engineer on Halloween. What’ll he give the kiddos? Try these 5 ideas

In this week’s Five Spot column — Five things that Gov. Jay Inslee might hand out to trick or treaters for Halloween this year.

1. T-shirts, tote bags and other swag leftover from his aborted run for the White House. “Inslee in 2020” still applies. Just cross out “president” and write in “governor.”

2. Trading cards featuring his past gubernatorial Halloween costumes, including fireman, mountaineer and Ghostbuster, plus this year’s ensemble: a railroad engineer. Hey kids, collect all seven!

3. Copies of “Elvis & the Elves - The Mystery of the Melting Snow,” a climate change manifesto he made for his grandkids. Sure to whet any child’s appetite for his six-part climate action strategy.

4. Flavorless candy that kids won’t want to eat. Because flavored vaping products aren’t the only things the young’uns put in their mouths that can lead to addiction and poor health.

5. “Jay doodles” that he sketched in hotel rooms on the campaign trail. With the 90-plus days he spent out of state this year, that’s a lot of doodles.