Letters to the Editor

Faithless elector: He commits serious act of betrayal

“Washington state elector says he won’t vote for Hillary Clinton,” (TNT, 11/5).

When a state elector says he refuses to vote for his party’s choice, something is wrong with our political system. If this individual was chosen to represent his party, it would seem he’s obligated to do so, not vote his personal preference. In an extreme case, should his vote be a deciding vote, the entire state of Washington would be subject to a presidential administration that was one man’s choice.

Who he chooses on his private ballot is his choice, but to agree to represent a political party and then go behind its back and vote for who he wants is totally wrong. Had he had the courage to state he might not vote for his party’s choice, I doubt he would have been elected.

When you have individuals like this, it’s easy to understand why people say “Why did I even vote for a president? It’s as if my vote doesn’t even count.”