Letters to the Editor

Photo: Pavement image crosses ethical line

Re: “Son runs over pregnant mother with minvan,” (TNT, 6/7).

My wife and I were appalled by the photo accompanying this article. What was the purpose of showing the pavement after the fact? Do you really feel this is substantive journalism to show the sickening remnants of this horrific accident?

I strongly recommend you review your ethical responsibilities in reporting accidents or tragedies such as this. Ethic Net publishes a “Journalists Ethics Code” which you should read. The following paragraphs are quoted from the code:

“The victims of violence and incidents should be treated with care. The same concerns witnesses and victims’ relatives. Special attention should be paid to selecting the photographs illustrating the details of an accident.”

“The covering of incidents and catastrophes should not exceed the limits when respect for the sufferings of the victims and the feelings of their relatives is lost.”

This photo certainly crosses the ethical line. You owe the family and your readers an apology.