Letters to the Editor

Protests: High school team dishonors name

Re: “Todd Beamer High football players kneel during national anthem Friday night,” (TNT, 9/29).

I am all for free speech, however, when I see the name of that school, and who the school is named after — a hero on Sept. 11, 2001 — I just cringe.

My Mother, Hilda Marcin, was also a passenger and a hero on Flight 93, and I just think this shows lack of respect for the name of the school. Why people can’t find a different way to voice their concerns about racism and inequality is beyond me.

The people on Flight 93 were all races and religions, and they all came together to stop the terrorists from reaching their intended target in Washington, D.C.

I just find it appalling that the coach is OK with their kneeling. It is not OK in my book.

Such a sad day and time for our country.