Letters to the Editor

Sexual misconduct: Let's deal with the here and now

Re: “Democrats: Moral high ground lost long ago” (TNT letters, 12/21).

Pointing to indiscretions on the parts of Bill Clinton, John Kennedy and others, GOP voices are chorusing a collective demand to know why no one seemed to take indecent conduct seriously when it involved Democratic culprits.

First of all, consensual trysts (Think Clinton and Kennedy), while they may be illicit and damaging, involve people who have agreed to their circumstances, and to the possible negative outcomes which may follow such risky behavior. It is a shared responsibility; in no way or fashion the same as assaulting a woman and crowing about the episode to your buddies (read as “locker room talk”).

Furthermore, this specific discussion does not concern itself with the activities of former presidents who, we might agree, were manipulatively abusive either to women or to the integrity of the executive branch. The focus is centered in the here and now; solely with President Trump. Rather than stamping their feet, and threatening to hold their breath, may I propose that the plaintiffs stay on topic, keep it current, stop passing the buck, stop deflecting blame and stop pointing at the historical precedents.

Let us simplify and arrive at a timely truth.