Letters to the Editor

Sexual misconduct: There's no high road to morality

Re: “Democrats: Moral high ground lost long ago” (TNT letters, 12/21).

Those who live and have a need to rehash litigated matters from the 1990’s in hopes their claim to righteous morality will forever be embedded in stone need only study the past year to find that we now have a president that has the lowest morals of any past president in history.

The letter writer’s moral superiority façade is to mask a defense of that that cannot be defended.

The world has listened to multiple tapes of President Trump bragging about his sexual assaults claiming that fame affords him this brutish behavior which started as far back as the 1980’s.

Democrats have never claimed the high moral road but have stood fast against those in the party who have lied and sexually harassed women. The Clinton impeachment, Senator Franken, and Rep. Conyers readily come to mind. So when one claims their morality is superior to another’s, contrary to what can be produced on tape, hypocrisy becomes an insult to the intelligent.