Letters to the Editor

Clinton: So many nicknames, so little time

Re: “He’s an elitist if he sits on gold-plated toilet,” (TNT, 7/16).

I was struck by the letter giving a name to Donald Trump as elitist. Seemed very imaginative, so I thought perhaps I might offer a name for Clinton that would match as well.

My first choice was “The Dodger” for the heroic way she dodged bullets as she darted across the tarmac in Bosnia. No, wait, this seems better: “The Pauper” for being broke as she left the White House.

Then there is “The Private,” a tribute for the way she kept her emails under cover. There are so many that fit so well, I am getting dizzy. So I will settle, as Bernie Sanders did, for “Clinton, the Unfit to be President.” Thanks, Bernie. Good choice.