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Far-flung travels inspire Marvel Bay Cafe menu

Dumplings, cabbage rolls and borscht – these are just some of the Eastern European delights on the menu of Marvel Bay Cafe, located at 301 133rd St S. in Parkland. The food is inspired by the travels of owners Yelena Ivantsov and Alice Shkarina

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How to peel a mango in under 3 seconds

Modesto-based company Mango Crazy, which has three restaurants in town, is opening a third in San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf. The new site has a specialized mango peeling machine, which skins the fruit in less than three seconds.

Quite possibly Tacoma’s tastiest Korean-American burger mash-up

Tacoma’s Build-A-Burger has added Korean bulgogi burgers, spicy pork bulgogi, a katsu chicken burger and loaded Korean fries to its menu. It also has a full menu of American-style burgers.