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On Gardening: Milkweed feasting more than you realize

As we all strive to get our hands on every native milkweed for our states and to the ultimate benefit of the Monarch butterfly I thought I might plug its use for the other guys. Your first thought might be I'm talking about the Queen or Soldier butterflies that are related to the Monarch and also must have milkweeds as larval host plants.

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Design Recipes: 9 tips for using mirrors in your space

Mirrors are one of those accessories that tend to be either overused or underused. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and finishes, and as such serve as the perfect complement to nearly any space. Mirrors can be purposeful in design, and if used thoughtfully, can add considerable value to a space both aesthetically and functionally.

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How to lay out your entryway, according to a feng shui expert

We all want to come home to a healthy and happy home and leave our place in the morning with a good mindset too. But often, little things we barely notice in our day-to-day routine can alter our mood when we walk through the door. Piles of unopened mail, a lock that gets stuck easily or pairs of shoes that can easily be tripped over can affect our psyche even if we don't realize it. Additionally, things that are virtually impossible to notice can also negatively impact our day-to-day: the placement of a mirror or the type of plants you own, for example.

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Yardsmart: Bleeding heart is ideal native perennial for shade in dry gardens

They crouched at the toe of a north-facing cliff, all hearts and flowers in a mass of pink. It flew by so fast I was unable to look closely, so I parked and hiked back to the rock face. Fine land slide material had built up over many years in one spot, just inches at the toe. In this well-drained, relatively infertile mineral soil grew the Pacific bleeding heart (Dicentra formosa). It was my first view of the plants in habitat, a very curious place for an understory perennial to grow.

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Style at Home: The joy of dining: A spring table at my cottage

As the flowers poke out of the ground, and the leaves bud on the trees, another force of nature comes back alive: my desire to entertain. In the winter months, Dan and I don't have folks over as much, preferring to cocoon when we're home. But one of my rites of spring is dressing my table and sending out invites, welcoming friends back to our cottage.

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Hot Property: Verily, 'tis the King's custom

Dustin Brown and the L.A. Kings are making another run in the Stanley Cup playoffs, but away from the ice, the star right winger is making a play of a different sort: He and his wife, Nicole, have put their home in Manhattan Beach up for sale at $6.999 million.

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Busy millennials confess: We hired a house cleaner and it's worth it

Between Emily Pomeroy's job as a cancer researcher at the University of Minnesota and her Ph.D. program, the 31-year-old Minneapolis woman had little time for much else, especially household chores. Add in her husband's new, more demanding job last fall, and suddenly the couple's weekends were consumed with the household cleaning that fell by the wayside during the week.


Is it prime time for tulips?

Vermont has its autumn leaf peepers but Washington counters with spring tulip tourists. Based on this aerial photography, the next two weeks should be heaven for shutterbugs in the Skagit Valley.

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How to use feng shui crystals to bring positive energy into your home

The practice of feng shui and the art of crystals have more in common than you may think. Moreover, they're both used to "shift and transform the energy of your space," according to Heather Askinosie, co-founder of Energy Muse and co-author of "Crystal Muse." Askinosie should know – she's an expert in combining elements like crystals, holistic healing and feng shui to help people balance and transform their lives.

How to prepare for an earthquake

FEMA released a video on tips on what people should do in the event of an earthquake.
FEMA Monty Davis